Monday, 4 April 2011

What's the use of Astrology? - New Zealand Earthquake Chart Link

We are delighted to welcome guest blogger and fellow astrology colleague, Faye Cossar, who is based in the Netherlands.  Faye is originally from New Zealand, making the recent earthquake disaster very close to her heart.  Faye asks:

What's the use of Astrology?

A criticism often levelled at astrologers is "if you know so much, why didn't you predict this and warn people." This is a fair question and I wish this was possible. But it would mean having to study every minute of every day in every town, obviously an impossible task. And even if it was possible I'm not sure that having a warning would help in cases like this, unless we could say "at a particular time don't be anywhere near Christchurch". The huge amount of damage is inevitable - perhaps the earth has a mind of her own. In my view, astrology cannot predict an exact outcome, as the universe is very creative with its messages. It would be great if we could control things with our predictions, but we can't. Life is never 'under control' and we need to deal with that. I suspect that if it was, nothing would change. Pluto, who is often one of the culprits in disasters of this nature, wants transformation.

So what is the use of Astrology?

We astrologers are always being accused of predicting things after the event. But what any astrologer worth his salt is really doing by looking at charts after events like this, is two-fold. One is to try to find some meaning in the universe and the other is to add to our own knowledge of "how stuff works". Astrologers will give many reasons for events like this, based on their favourite techniques. For me, I am looking for something exact at that location. There are many heavy things with the planets in the air at present and these energies will be a backdrop.

This blog contribution consists of excerpts from a larger article on the astrology of New Zealand and the recent 22 February 2011 earthquake disaster; please follow the link below to Faye's Pisces 2011 newsletter newsletter, which features the New Zealand chart and an interesting astrological analysis.

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With thanks to Faye for allowing Celestial Spot to feature her work.
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  2. Thank you, Elsa. Liking your piece on Jupiter opposing Saturn and on Pluto in Capricorn, also! I am glad that astrologers worldwide are able to discuss the symbolism and note the planetary links so powerfully, with the recent earthquake events in New Zealand and Japan. Many people around me are experiencing individual quakes and tsunamis at a personal level, too - and I think I feel another blog post coming on.... :)

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