Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Jupiter into Aquarius January 2009

This is the real signature of the New Year in 2009. Although Mercury is going to be retrograde again from 11th-31st January (see the previous post for more info on Mercury Rx) Jupiter's January 5th move into Aquarius points to a great many things going forward. Aquarius is a forward thinking sign by and large - although this is tempered by a dual rulership by two planets: Uranus and Saturn. Uranus is linked with revolutions whilst Saturn is much more traditional and reserved by nature. So we may see a little of both of those themes as we experience the reflection of Jupiter's change of sign. Some people will want to hold on to the status quo and will be conserving energy and giving blessings for what they already have. Others will be keen - or even forced - to make a brand new start. This could coincide with great upheaval at one end of the scale and refusing to do anything other than stay put at the other! But there is a revolutionary spirit to Jupiter in Aquarius, either way and many people will no doubt think of just reasons for their choices, either as change goes on around them or as they become the instigators of change.

The theme of 2012, its planetary picture and the changes predicted by the Maya peoples many years back is being much discussed in astrological and spiritual circles at this time, too. Look out for more on this in the near future!

A Happy New Year to All from Celestia

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