Thursday, 13 May 2010

Backward and Forward with Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Yet again, I feel awestruck at the difficulties that seem to show up when Mercury, the planet of thought, decisions, communication and mobility moves in retrograde motion. This past spate has involved Mercury moving through the sign of Taurus and that means that anyone with planets in that sign may have had a particularly difficult time in the past few weeks. But I think this will have applied, also, to people with planets in the other “Fixed” signs of the zodiac – that is, Scorpio (Taurus’s direct opposite partner), Leo and Aquarius. We can picture these four planets as two sets of opposing pairs in a simple cross formation. So if you imagine Taurus at the top, then Scorpio is at the bottom, Leo is on the right hand side of the cross and Aquarius is on the left.

How will things have panned out under this latest apparent backward path of Mercury? Well, the UK election tells the bigger story. It will be no surprise to any astrologer that we ended up with a hung parliament. An opposition in the skies at this time, also, between crusty old Saturn and zingy, liberating Uranus shows the match of the two parties in the coalition government – old school, traditional Conservatives with reforming, modernistic Liberals. As my astro pal Helen often says “you couldn’t make it up!”. In my own life it coincided with a number of difficult episodes, including an accident when crossing the road – fortunately I wasn’t hit by a vehicle, but I did end up with very bruised ribs and a swollen hand, after colliding with the pavement head on! It certain put paid to my ability for a while and about 5 people who heard about the accident told me, in no uncertain terms, it was a signal to “slow down” (how very Taurus-like!).

Thankfully the planet went forward again just over the past few days, so I do think that many people will be starting to feel some sense of relief or recovery and will be finding a way forward with recently difficult issues. If you are still struggling, then look forward to the end of this month because, around 28th May 2010, the planet once again reaches the degree it was at when it started to “retrograde”. So that should mark a real move forward with any sticky issues.

A note on the relevance of this particular Mercury retrograde period, when the sign involved was Taurus: this sign is traditionally ruled by Venus – a planet which emphasises harmony and co-operation. On the more personal level, maybe you’ve been experiencing this in your relationships? Or possibly when it comes to dealing with finances, property and other such Earthly matters, given that Taurus is an Earth sign. Which suggests I should end this post by quoting a George Harrison song title “Give me love (give me peace on earth)”. You can listen to it at the following Last.fm link if you like: http://www.last.fm/music/George+Harrison/_/Give+Me+Love+%28Give+Me+Peace+on+Earth%29

Celestial Blessings!

Celestia at Mindbliss

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