Saturday, 2 January 2010

2010 Astrology Outlook - World & Personal

It seems only natural at the start of a new year to be interested in "the year ahead". It is certainly a key time when astrologers are asked "what's in the stars?". Some of us want to know from a personal point of view, some are interested in the state of the world. Either way, plenty has already been written about this year and so, rather than try to find something new to add, I thought I would employ some Virgo organisation skills, to list some of the excellent, existing online sources - the ones that have so far made the most sense to me of the astrology of 2010. Here are the links, with a short description of the typical content or message of each:

The Global Situation by Jean Elliott at Sky Script - featuring exact dates of the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T Square -
around the theme of "Moving Too Fast" vs "Fear of Change"
plus details on historical precedents such as the Great Depression
in the 1930s and the radical changes of the mid 1960s:


* Checkout the heading that says "The Challenging Saturn, Uranus and Pluto aspects over the next few years" *

An Alignment for Our Times: 2010 by Bill Streett at Astrology for the Soul
- Comparison with 1930s and 1960s Historical Precedents of the Saturn-Uranus_Pluto
- the first of three essays that make specific reference to 2010:


* Check out the heading that says * The Saturn, Pluto, Uranus alignment of 2010 *

An Alignment for Our Times Part Two: The Aftermath of 2010 by Bill Streett, as above

A turning point in history; a crucible of socio-cultural forces
- the second of the three essays in this excellent series


The Astrology of 2010: Personal and General Implications by Bill Streett, as above

The Cardinal and Mutable Cross, Legacy of the Sixties Generation, A Saturn Return "like no other" & notes on Indigo Children
- the final of the three essays in the series


Political Astrology by Marjorie Orr at Star4Cast

Long swathes of time are covered here, with excellent detail on specific years and astral events. Includes a brilliant set of links to specific themes, countries and people, at the end of the page.


* Check Out the heading that says The Real Test: Pluto in Capricorn 2008 to 2024 *

There are no doubt many other quality commentaries around, but hopefully these will prove happy and informative reading! Please feel free to submit a comment if you find any more quality links on this theme.

If you would like an individual, truly personal reading for the year ahead, please visit our Mindbliss website to explore the options on offer:


Celestially Yours....

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