Sunday, 6 April 2008

Astrology and Health: Quadruplicities

Astrology and health is a pet study hobby of mine. Having grown up around people with various trying health problems and having wanted to understand more about my own constitution, astrology has proved a fabulous reference point. As with my approach to the subject in general, I don't believe that planets have a causal relationship for humans (or pets!) but I do believe that astrology can reveal something otherwise hidden - not available to us through usual information channels. With diseases of the mind and body we already know that it's hard to diagnose, because so much is hidden from view. Modern technology helps in many ways but, frequently, even the most gifted doctors with the finest instruments are baffled by people's health problems. There is a history of medicine which has involved the use of astrology as well as knowledge of a wide range of natural remedies - most of which has been lost from everyday usage since the introduction of modern pharmaceuticals and establishment of a stronghold on areas such as physical surgery. No doubt there are many benefits to modern medicine but, it seems to me, it is a pity that the baby seems to have been thrown out with the bath water in modern medicine's negation of much that has gone before. There are no doubt many reasons for that, including a high dose of internal politics! It does not appeal to me to become highly embroiled in politics, but I would like to share, from time to time, pieces of sound astrology that relate to the subject of health.

There are some great astrologers writing on the 'Net at the moment, one of whom is Pat Geisler, who contributes to one of the Yahoo discussion groups that I belong to. I noticed that Pat has posted a great article on the Moon and Health, the link for which I will copy below.


Apart from listing complaints specific to each Moon sign, Pat emphasizes how the quadruplicity of the Moon is also relevant. This relates to specific zodiacal "Qualities" or Modes: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. They go like this:

Cardinal: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
Fixed: Taurus. Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius
Mutable: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

As you can see, if you know your zodiac, they involve signs that are in opposite pairs. If a person happened to have a planet in each sign, at similar degrees, this would make up a cross formation and, in an astrological chart, this would be termed a Grand Cross. It would specifically be described by its Mode or Quadruplicity - eg a Cardinal Grand Cross, Fixed Grand Cross etc. If an astrologer sees this term or notices such a cross in a chart, visually, he/she knows that there is a strong predominance of that Mode showing up for this person (or for the situation/country etc in, eg a Horary or Mundane chart).

What Pat Geisler is referring to, when she talks about the quadruplicity factor in relation to the Moon is not exactly a Grand Cross, but a sort of shadow effect of a Grand Cross. To my way of thinking, it's a bit like saying that here is type of family showing up in the chart and, when one member of the family gets ill, another member of the family does their best to rush in and pick up some of the slack, which can be of great support. Occasionally, of course, what is meant to be support can make matters worse - in which case maybe the ideal balance isn't struck. At other times it's simply a matter of knock-on effect. So, if one member of the family gets a contagious disease, they are all prone to getting it! From a mechanical or biological angle, if a physical problem related to a planet in say a Mutable sign occurs, there might be some related affect with regard to an organ or function represented by another Mutable sign.

Do look at Pat's article if you have time as it's really interesting how much the Moon covers and how the Quadruplicities can be relevant in health questions. Wisely, the author reminds us that nothing should be considered in entire isolation in the chart. But, if you know your Moon sign, it's interesting to look up and see if your typical health issues do relate to the typical kinds of astrological associations give. The article is at the Zodiacal Zephyr website, which I think is going to have to go into my Favourites section here, soon!

Cestial wishes to you all!

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