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Twelfth House Planets

Twelfth house planets are a bit of a mystery.  There are various theories about what this house really means.  The old astrology books talk about this - the 12th house - as the house of downfall.  When I was learning astrology my tutors sometimes described planets placed here as representing things or people lost to you - or lost to the person whose chart we were looking at.  The twelfth/12th house has also been labelled the house of dreams.   To an extent all of this rings true to me.  Perhaps most of all, though, this resonates for me as one of the houses of secrets in the birth chart. 

Everyone has a few secrets and if astrology can hint at them, it is usually thought to do so through three particular houses in the chart: the 4th, 8th and 12th houses.  The 4th house often relates to family secrets, the 8th house to financial and sexual secrets and the 12th house to secrets we even keep from ourselves.  You may want to think of it as the house of denial, because it is said to represent the unconscious mind and it is the contents of this part of the mind that we can often deny and ignore - those details only filtering through in dreams and passing thoughts, odd coincidences and so forth.

I think the 12th house is a bridge house - a house that really clearly sits at the edge of a doorway, the doorway to the Self, which arrives and shows itself more fully in the 1st house.  So, what happens when a planet is moving through the 12th house by transit - ie, when a planet currently in the sky is moving through the 12th house area in the birth chart?  I think that something so secret that it is virtually hidden from the self and the conscious mind may be trying to bubble through to the surface.  This may be especially appropriate if there was a planet already in the 12th house of the chart at the time of birth.  But it might be significant in the way I've described, even if that is not the case.

As an example, Venus transiting the 12th house might hint at a love affair or secret crush.  Maybe the person does not yet realise that they are very drawn to someone.  Or maybe they have a clue about an attraction but don't yet want to fully face it, because it would make their life very difficult (remember the theme of downfall!).  To some extent this may be a painful house, a battle ground area where the unconscious mind and conscious mind are trying to connect.  If you have a planet moving through this house over time, perhaps something that makes much more sense of feelings and intuitions will emerge when the planet enters into the 1st house.

It would be great to hear of your experiences of the twelfth house and planets therein, or planets transiting or progressing through this house!

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  1. 4/29/64 NYC 7:44am
    I have Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in the 12th and Mars on the cusp.

    I'm a natural night owl. Waking up early is painful.

    I hate being in crowds and I despise cities and suburbia. Even though I was born and bred in NYC, it gives me anxiety to be around a lot of people. I love living in nature (I presently live in a rural CO mtn town) - yet I'm not outdoorsy. I just love solitude and beauty.

    I am social (Gemini ascendant) but I love being alone too. I never imagined I would get married or have kids, nor did I ever have the desire.

    I think the 12th house gives people extreme sensitivity. I communicate extremely well with small animals.

    I can feel negative people near me even before I see them. My greatest downfall is not trusting my first impressions about people when I meet them, because I am usually right.

    I also think that people with a prominent 12th are highly aware of karma. And that we don't let people see the real us.

    Basically I don't care what society thinks -- and I never wanted what other people have. I always have been different from everyone else.

    Astrologers say this is the house of confinement. And I think it is the house of 'freedom from societal constraints'.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences of planets in the 12th house, Jenrose. So much of what you say encompassses the 12th house themes of solitude, isolation and sensitivity. I have noticed that people with 12th house planets often have a strong "psychic" sixth sense but can sometimes struggle to trust it - although meditation seems to help strengthen it. It was really interesting to hear about your experiences - thanks again!

  3. I can totally relate to what Jenrose says. I have Neptune, Jupiter, north node 12th house I hated growing up in a large noisy family in the suburbs and used to dream about how I could run away to a shack in the peace and quiet of the country. I now live on a large block out in the bush in a small house by myself and am very happy. I never wanted children either. I am very intuitive and noise sensitive
    I feel weather/ earth changes. I don't eat meat and relate well to all my wildlife around here. I constantly work to improve my house and this block. My dream life is very rich, and I constantly learn more.

    1. Thank you for sharing. I love the image of Neptune in the 12th house running away to the peace of the country! Interesting too, about noise sensitivity - I can totally relate to that. A doorbell chime at the wrong moment can go right through me!

  4. Yes, Sun in the 12th Virgo. Need time in solitude, never wanted children, relate to animals, conscious of the weather/earth. An innate compassion for 'victims' of society and a magnet for strange people. I realize some of these attributes describe Neptune, of course, being ruler of the 12th.

    1. It is interesting that not wanting children is coming up as a repeated theme with 12th house planets - perhaps it links to the desire for peace and freedom - although Sun Virgo often prefers to remain childless, too. I am so with you as a magnet for strange people! And agree this may be to do with Neptune(for me it's Neptune in the 1st house). It seems a bit less powerful since becoming more aware of it, thank goodness. Thank you for sharing your experiences.


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