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Uranus into Aries in 2011

A fellow astrologer friend, Mick, recently mentioned that in the group he attends they had been discussing the ingress of Uranus into Aries, which will happen in March 2011. And that this signifies the old ways dissolving and entirely new ways of looking at things, on a large scale. Uranus has an 84 year cycle and Mick identified the last time that Uranus was in Aries at 1927. He was wondering what happened then, if this was a time of growing spirituality and whether Eastern ideas were coming into the West. I did some research for the list on which we were discussing this and have posted a copy below of the post with my various findings and related web links. It will be interesting to hear other ideas and input re Uranus leaving Pisces and heading into Aries, between now and 2011! I have also mentioned at the end some information regarding the current backlash against holistic alternatives in medicine, which I see as a more Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn with Saturn in Virgo type of theme...but it came up in the other discussion, so I have included it here for now. There's a group focussing on this at Facebook now - if it interests you, you may like to join - the link is at the end! Celestia

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1927 - interesting year that, Mick. Just generally, the 20s was a time when motorisation was happening - a real leap into modern times. It also makes me think of Flapper girls and the way that women were becoming somewhat more liberated. They had the vote at least!

I did a Google search on that year and came up with a timeline - see below - some of the events it lists are:

Volvo motor company launched - modern world theme, moving increasingly away from an agricultural life to a more urban and mechanised one - the pace getting faster

first electronic instrument (not sure if they mean musical, but maybe...) - electricity is a Uranus phenomenon

Charlie Chaplin got divorced; I don't know his full bio but, presumably, this was a very public event and divorce was not commonplace back then. But it's a very Uranian theme!

First commercial radio included in a motor car

Some themes around "outsiders" too - in Bavaria there are camps to incarcerate gypsies, apparently

And Trotsky is expelled from the Communist party - interesting this, as I seem to remember, from Sociology studies, that Marx emphasised the issue of alienation in his theories and rebellion and Communism was probably meant to address this in some way. Was Trotsky a bit of
a wild card, by the party's standards?

Anyway, lots of Uranus themes seem to be here: electricity, modernisation, greater mechanisation and alienation from the "means of production"; outsiders, electricity, divorce....


Spiritually - was this the time of Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society? Ah no, just checked, she was earlier. But Alan Leo, further down the line from that line of astrological
tradition, founded the Astrological Lodge in 1915, a couple of years before his death (or Astrological Lodge of the Theosophical Society, being the full title). So that's about a Jupiter cycle before 1927.


There is some discussion of the philosophy of psychoanalyst Lacan, at the following link and the author addresses the issue of spirituality from a wider perspective and taking into account more authors. From what I can gather, in Freud's writings of that time (1927 is quoted),
he rejected what religion had to offer as a sort of false mother/father situation. Here's the relevant paragraph:

"Following the Enlightenment, a long list of distinguished psychologists and social scientists have developed concepts and theories in search of a purified religion compatible with scientific
rationality. This work accepts the modern enlightenment critique of the dark side of religion and views Freud's work on the subject as a necessary psychology of such phenomena. It is well known that Freud (1907) labeled religion the obsessional neurosis of humanity and that
he was inclined to interpret spirituality as a defense against sexual and aggressive drives. Freud's materialistic stance follows from the eighteenth century scientific paradigm which had mistakenly predicted the demise of religion and spirituality. He (1927) dismissed the
consolations provided by religion as either infantile symbiosis with the mother or infantile dependence on a providential father."


Zen Buddhism is also mentioned in that article and it made me wonder when that came to the UK, as it strikes me as having a strongly "modern"-religious feel to it that would fit with Uranus in a new sign. I Googled again and found the Buddhist Society (link below) which was founded in 1924 - quite close! Here's an interesting quote too, as it cites 1926 and talks about published
books in the "earlier Buddhism" phase - so presumably some sort of "later Buddhism" happened in the West from 1927?

"In the early days, much emphasis was placed on publishing and some of the books published in that period remain in print today, notably our founder-presidents Buddhism: An Introduction and Guide, which, published by Penguin Books has been in continuous print since 1951.
The tradition of publishing continues, with the Society acting the part of an occasional publisher. Especially noteworthy in this connection is the Society's internationally respected quarterly The
Middle Way, as the earlier Buddhism in England, has a publishing history going back to 1926."


Great idea to look into this, Mick! Thanks for mentioning it from your group discussions.

Something that's been a point of discussion in a group I meet with has been the backlash at the moment in relation to alternative medicine and I have wondered if this will filter over to the Spirit part of Mind-Body-Spirit. I kind of hope not, but the Capricorn focuses and Saturn in Virgo just now make me feel it could happen. It's an area close to my heart, naturally and a friend in the US who knew I was getting stirred by it encouraged me to start a group with
her on Facebook to make this information known, as I'd noticed a very "anti alternative" book recently published - rather upsetting and I wonder if it's the start of a phase of this sort of thing.
Anyone is welcome to join the group, by the way - our hope is to attract strength in a pro-holistic direction. But it's not meant to be anything heavy. Anyway, the link to the group, in case anyone may be interested, is:


It will be good to keep note of what develops with the new Uranus focus coming, Mick, with all these various themes - and any more you can think of, you, Lucy and anyone else interested in astrology. I guess that the Cardinality of Aries emphasises the new trend factor of Uranus and that feeling of "leading the way" and people branching out on their own - the whole theme of the individual must be very well emphasised with Uranus in Aries?

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  1. As interesting as it is we have moved on since then.And your findings of events at that time are so. Howevever my superficial knowledge of astrolgy though my intuitive findings in this heavenlypattern at this time I find fascinating...
    Upon looking through my ephemeris I
    found a mass conjunction of planets
    in Aries at this time;the month of april & may. Allso one year on & a bitwe have once again!#^*,Gulp! Mars square Pluto.Something that allso occured 84 or 85 years ago; the beginnings of you should know..
    However this time Pluto is in the
    opposite sign Capricorn;Government, political foundation, law and adminastration,a
    somewhat controllin sign do you think?.However todays pattern & seed(Jupitor in Capricorn)Spoooks me a little is this the Prop$^%$ee
    forseen bythose before us,Edgar casey, Nostra,and all before them.
    As we know it may be 22.4.2014.
    I thank you for my findings and fair the well, yours sinceraly ARTHUR.

  2. Hi,
    In terms of the establishment of Eastern spirituality in the West, the Self Realization Fellowship, founded by Paramahansa Yogannanda, author of the world acclaimed 'Autobiography of a Yogi'was founded in the year 1920 exactly! In terms of a Hindu/Christian spiritual lineage its probably the most developed one in the West to date.
    Thanks for the post, maybe more could be written about what world karmas are likely to be delivered with the configurations you mention in the next few years.

  3. Thanks for contributing, Zachary - those are great comments.

    Celestial blessings!


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