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Bad Moon Rising - Full Moon Astrology

Bad Moon Rising – Full Moon Astrology

What is a Bad Moon? What were Creedence Clearwater Revival talking about in their famous song, Bad Moon Rising, which features in the 1981 film An American Werewolf in London? The film features another topical song: Blue Moon. Most people know the expression “once in a blue moon”, meaning that something happens rarely. But what happens around bad moons?

There are various interpretations regarding Creedence Clearwater’s intentions behind the song lyrics. My favourite association is the one to do with the Werewolves. We know that Werewolves don’t really exist, but their symbolism is a way of describing what happens to human nature and emotions – particularly around the time of the full Moon. So that’s probably the “bad moon” referred to in the song.

It is a statistical fact that there are higher incidences of difficulties in asylums and prisons when we have full Moons. Scientists associate the Moon with the tides. Astrologers associate the Moon with cycles of experience and daily changes. We talk about the Waxing Moon and the Waning Moon, as we contemplate the lunar cycle, noting the rising and ebbing of human emotions, motivation, enthusiasm and purpose.

Whatever drives us at a full Moon time may need to be carefully examined, because at this time we don’t necessarily see the whole picture. It may be a very FULL time, but it’s probably full of too much stress and emotion! As a result, we may be off beam, feel off balance and see things in the wrong perspective.

What are the facts of the Astronomy and Astrology of a full Moon? The Moon reflects the Sun’s light. Sections of the Moon are in shadow as it moves through its “phases” and, as we head up to full Moon, more of the Moon is visible to us – it may be lower in the sky, look larger and become more obviously lit up.

The Moon symbolises the unconscious, subconscious, hidden part of the mind where all memories and repressed feelings are stored. Hence it’s a bit like having a spotlight, or a full beam on our emotions and our unconscious. It may be an emotionally overwhelming time.

Today there has been a Full Moon in the sign of Leo and anyone with the Sun, Moon or personal planets in Leo or Aquarius in their birth chart is likely to have felt something strongly. Other Fixed signs, Taurus and Scorpio may also have felt a bit flooded lately. Not to worry, though: this too will pass!

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