Friday, 26 November 2021

It's that time of year when people are looking for gifts - including for tarot fans! This post is to help people know where they can find genuine copies of Tattoo Tarot, its follow up book, Tattoo Tarot Journal, The Tarot Colouring Book, and the Movie Tarot deck/booklet set. 

Why would you need to know? Because there have been illegally printed, fake versions of Tattoo Tarot advertised around the internet and - astonishingly - sometimes offered at a much more expensive price than the genuine article! For instance, TT deck set currently retails on Amazon UK at around £11.99, but a seller is offering a fake version at £17.55. Ouch!

Hopefully, most people won't be duped into a purchase of a deck selling fraudulently, but if you are, you might like to look to trading standards and see if you can obtain a refund. 

To be able to be sure if a deck is a fake, a telltale clue will be that it very likely won't have the specially prepared booklet with it; nor will it arrive in the beautiful, lidded gift box specially commissioned by LKP (it will just be in a cheap, flip top box like you get with an everyday card pack - only the seller will have likely stolen the art from the original design, to copy). All the purchase will have, unfortunately, is a set of illustrated cards, not on the original card stock, and with no instructions on how to use them nor definitions of their specific meanings (which differ in some regards to some modern decks). Also, if you are offered a 'PDF' version of the booklet, that will be a fake - being sold illegally with no respect of author copyright - since no PDF version exists! The information appears in a printed, bound, glossy, colour booklet.

So, here are the main, easy to spot clues on how you can know if you are looking at a genuine version of Tattoo Tarot online, which you might be considering buying for yourself or another - and you can find such a valid set via the following link: https://amzn.to/3oUTNH9 Genuine Tattoo Tarot Deck

1)  The cards will be sold within a gift box format, NOT a typical, flip-top card casing, but a sturdy box with a removable lid. The sort of box that looks beautiful on a tarot reading table! This box has a red inside lining with a deep well for the cards.
2) The tarot set comes complete with a glossy, colour-printed booklet bound with a stitched seam.
3) The publisher will be named as Laurence King Publishing
4) The illustrator/artist will be named as Megamunden
5) The author/writer will be named as Diana McMahon Collis
6) The deck will be sold at a reasonable price (for a tarot deck). 
7) The deck won't advertise itself as containing any PDF element (the booklet is only offered as part of the set and in printed form - it fits neatly inside the box). 

Please also find links below to the other genuine tarot items mentioned above, all published by Laurence King Publishing - part of the Orion Books group: 

The follow-up book, Tattoo Tarot Journal, which includes extended meanings for the cards and lots of spreads - with plenty of room to practise and record your own (as it's a journal format); a soft-bound, wipe-clean style A5 size book with a very pretty cover! https://amzn.to/3r43qG4 Tattoo Tarot Journal

The Tarot Colouring Book, which also features expanded Tattoo Tarot card illustrations, with extra, black ink design details - as well as textual information about tarot art in history, for colouring inspiration (my bit of research for the project!) This usually retails at about £6 at the time of writing this post: https://amzn.to/3FK2uuu The Tarot Colouring Book

Movie Tarot, the name of which is probably self-explanatory, but features characters from popular movies. Again, this mentions Diana McMahon Collis as the author - but with Natalie Foss as the illustrator: https://amzn.to/3l4EcDL Movie Tarot

Please feel free to share the above links with anyone who wants to access genuine tarot products. I love the idea of #realtarot on social media! Please share this hashtag phrase if you're a fan of genuine tarot decks and want to help support the illustrators and authors. We all really appreciate it and this helps to keep genuine art and design going, as well as respecting the intellectual property of author and publisher copyrights.

Saturday, 12 December 2020

Tarot Products at a Discount - Hurry for special Christmas offers at LKP!

Time to be happy! Laurence King publishers (LKP) are offering my followers a pre-Christmas discount of 30% (use code Christmas30 at checkout) when our products are purchased via their website (the number one, guaranteed official source of the genuine product!*) At laurenceking.com, type the word TAROT in the search box, to find:
The brand new, Movie Tarot deck/booklet set
The bestselling Tattoo Tarot: Ink and Intuition deck/booklet set
plus Tattoo Tarot Journal
and The Tarot Colouring Book
Use the code Christmas30 at checkout. * Please note, there have been pirated versions of Tattoo Tarot offered on other sites; they are easy to spot as they don't include the very helpful instruction booklet or substantial, original gift box - the cards are also not of the same, high quality. To ensure you have the official, full and genuine product, buy direct from the publisher's website. Check out Laurence King's GIFT section for a wide range of beautiful gifts!

Friday, 18 September 2020

Tattoo Tarot Journal has Arrived!

It's landed! The Tattoo Tarot Journal from Laurence King Publishing.
Now available at this official outlet - use code ‘ttj25’ to receive a 25% discount! https://www.laurenceking.com/product/tattoo-tarot-journal/ @laurencekingpub

Thursday, 19 March 2020

A Planetary 'Survival Style' Guide

Your Planetary Survival Style

What planetary type do you embody?

Everyone has a personal style that predominates, especially under pressure. This may be expressed by a particular placement or repeated theme in your birth chart – or you may simply identify with one planetary type more than another.
This guide has been written today, to share something with an astrological theme that might help keep spirits up, during this strange, surreal time. It is meant to be light hearted – please take it in the fun way it is meant! (I believe a sense of humour can help us to keep grounded). Bear in mind the guide may, nonetheless, point out some of the extremes of human behaviour, as well as special strengths. You may just find a grain of truth in there, somewhere, or (preferably) something that makes you nod or smile. A few of us will also relate to more than one planetary type, too.
Those who already know your birth chart - or the subject of astrology – well; I know you know this stuff 😊 If I left something out, made errors, and/or you want to add your interpretations, feel free to say so, in the ‘comments’!

Are you Martian?
Mars – You’re impatient. You desperately want to take action. Or you want someone else to ‘do something’. You can lash out. After you’ve lashed out, however, you usually regret it and want to move on with the good stuff. You have a warm heart and will be the first to make up, so long as you believe it doesn’t make you seem weak or vulnerable. You’re a starter and you get things done! We need your courage and restlessness, to avoid stagnancy.
In the chart, this might apply to planets in Aries or Scorpio; Mars in a prominent place (Rising/on the Midheaven/close to a significant planet, like the Sun or Moon).

Are you Venusian?
Venus – You reach for the sweets/chocs/biscuits/cake, or hand them out. You do everything in your power to get people on side. You personally invented the charm factor. You are kind and you know how to help others feel better about themselves. You make an effort with your appearance and nice things – scents, cleanliness, candles, crystals, frills, comforts – whatever makes you feel better. Other people usually benefit when you do this, too!
In the chart, this might apply to planets in Taurus or Libra; Venus in a prominent place (Rising/on the Midheaven/close to a significant planet, like the Sun or Moon).

Are you Mercurial?
Mercury – You think, and you talk – sometimes one without the other. It’s important to you to connect, mostly to anyone who will listen. You can struggle to disconnect, but partly because you need to hear what’s going on and offer responses. You want – and can give - reassuring words. You think up great options and have plenty of questions and suggestions. You know none of us is really stuck. It’s all progress! We just have to figure out a new idea, or a fresh plan.
In the chart, this might apply to planets in Gemini or Virgo; Mercury in a prominent place (Rising/on the Midheaven/close to a significant planet, like the Sun or Moon).

Are you Jupiterian?
Jupiter – You want to go as far away as possible. You love to broadcast your philosophy and connect with people – preferably a large crowd, all at once. You may expect too much of situations; you easily overextend, or assume others are capable of more than they are. You can take a lot for granted; a few may even dare to accuse you of arrogance, although it’s not where you’re coming from. You have a strong need and ability to dispense wisdom. You are determined to see the bigger picture, and find the bright side.
In the chart, this might apply to planets in Sagittarius or Pisces; Jupiter in a prominent place (Rising/on the Midheaven/close to a significant planet, like the Sun or Moon).

Are you Saturnine?
Saturn – You are cautious and want to do everything by the book. You aim to control everything and tend to impose a rule system on others and yourself. You are reserved to the point of being mean – sometimes acting like you’re not worth any extras (hey, you are!) You survive, anyway, because you are so good at making the most of bare necessities, and creating something out of very little. You will sleep ok on a rock, if necessary. Indeed, you are a rock (to many who trust you and rely on you).
In the chart, this might apply to planets in Capricorn or Aquarius; Saturn in a prominent place (Rising/on the Midheaven/close to a significant planet, like the Sun or Moon).

Are you Uranian?
Uranus – You’re a special case. Quite unique. You respond differently to others. Going into isolation feels ok – it’s peaceful and soothing. Deep down you want to be loved, or at least acknowledged (respected, even), but the idea of anyone getting too close is pretty suffocating. The internet can provide some of your greatest lifelines. You may be able to offer remote healing or wisdom. Your cool perspective helps you avoid going into panic. You have been known to levitate.
In the chart, this might apply to planets in Aquarius; Uranus in a prominent place (Rising/on the Midheaven/close to a significant planet, like the Sun or Moon).

Are you Neptunian?
Neptune – You go to sleep. You escape into meditation or the Mothership Connection of music. You might drink a lot, if it suits you - or stringently avoid doing so, if not. You write poetry that captures the essence of the situation and all the feelings involved (yours and others’). You dream about a better future, a world where people are kinder and more sensitive. You are an inspiration and you need to remember that; don’t hide your light under a bushel! It’s safe to come out occasionally…honestly. There will be benefits.
In the chart, this might apply to planets in Pisces; Neptune in a prominent place (Rising/on the Midheaven/close to a significant planet, like the Sun or Moon).

Are you Plutonic?
Pluto – You remember all the reasons you didn’t like certain people (and chose to distance yourself from them). You are vindicated in recognising you were right to do so, but can allow space for those showings signs of redeeming themselves. You get rid of what you don’t need, though. You also manage to locate everything you do need, even though you might not even have realised you had it. You reinvent from what you left with. You are not beaten, even when almost dead. Nobody keeps a good Plutonian down for long!
In the chart, this might apply to planets in Scorpio; Pluto in a prominent place (Rising/on the Midheaven/close to a significant planet, like the Sun or Moon).

Friday, 1 March 2019

New Projects and Products: Tattoo Tarot and the Book of Music Horoscopes

Life has been so full in recent months - as we might expect with two eclipses early on this year! For me, it's been a lot about new products launching just before Christmas and providing support for those - The Tattoo Tarot Deck and Book of Music Horoscopes, specifically, which I have been very fortunate to be involved with, as a writer and in other ways:

It was a real honour to have my essay on David Bowie and Iggy Pop's collaborations feature in the astrology book - huge thanks to the very talented compiler, Frank Clifford, of the London School of Astrology for that!

I have been kept quite busy, too, blogging for other people and organisations, including Laurence King (the Tattoo Tarot deck publisher) and TABI (Tarot Association and the British Isles) and completing interviews for other blogs and magazines, such as Jack of Wands and Skin Deep. It's really been a lot of fun! Alongside my usual, ongoing output as an editor and mentor with Jericho Writers - I've also taken on a new column at The Mountain Astrologer, with which I am thrilled to be associated. There has, however, been little time left over to catch my breath and reach out through this blog and my own website: https://mindbliss.co.uk/

However Celestial Spot has now been given a little face lift. I hope you like it!

Finally, I owe a little apology to those people from websites, TV companies and other businesses, who have been interested in interviews, advertising options and writing services. It has simply not been possible to respond to everyone.

Wishing you all a wonderful start to the new month, as greater light dawns! And for those seeking insight, inspiration or down to earth wisdom, you may like to consider the readings offered through: https://www.mindbliss.co.uk/astrologytarotreadings.htm

Monday, 11 June 2018

Commitment in a Writing Career - Society of Authors Talk

Just a quick announcement to say I am pleased to be speaking tomorrow, 12 June 2018, at the Society of Authors Three Counties Lunch at The Princess Royal, Runfold.

In this talk, I will be focussing on the theme of Commitment in a Writing Career - part of which, for me, centres on astrological and tarot output, as well as incorporating other Mind Body Spirit subjects.

I can thoroughly recommend the SoA!

More details can be found at the Society's website under the Events tab:


and at:


or below: (copyright Society of Authors 2008-2017)

Friday, 6 April 2018

Crystal and Astrology Healing Power – A Mini Guide

Crystals develop in the earth from minerals that have been around since the world was formed. They are connected with primal, ancient energies and, in their structure and symbolism, have a strong relationship with the four elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Crystals have always been used for healing and strengthening spiritual abilities and, thanks to the wisdom passed down from the ancients, we are still able to draw on this knowledge today. However you do not need to be a shaman, seer or magician to work with and benefit from crystal energy. As long as you can locate a crystal and understand something of its nature and applications, you can tap into its power to bring help and healing in your own life and for those around you. Below are descriptions of a handful of the more popular and easily found crystals and their uses.

Rose quartz – a love stone. Easily recognisable for its gentle pale pink colour, this is one of the main crystals for dealing with heart issues. It can help to attract a new love into your life or heal a heart that has closed or felt damaged. Rose quartz is excellent for developing rapport in relationships and can help an ongoing love connection over a rough patch. Wear it close to your heart if you can; a rose quartz necklace is ideal. Try placing the crystal next to a photograph of the one you love and radiate love to that person; it could soon radiate back!

Hematite – a grounding stone. The colour ranges from grey to black and the stone has a shiny, metallic quality, so that polished hematite looks somewhat similar to drops of Mercury. Useful for those who have trouble with the memory, it is also helpful for mental organisation and original ideas. This stone helps to dispel negativity and increases courage and confidence. If you suffer with agoraphobia or lose too much energy when you are around other people, hematite could be an ideal stone for you. Keep it close to your body, e.g. as a bracelet or even in a hand bag.

Amethyst – a spiritual stone. Many stones are used for insight but amethyst is especially valued for aiding meditation and developing spiritual awareness. This is ideal to use whilst following guided meditation or for those times when you still yourself, close your eyes, sit comfortably and let the worries of the world go. Amethyst brings a deep sense of calm and can help bring greater insight into life purpose. Hold the crystal gently in your palm and allow your mind to calm and empty. Amethysts appear in the colour spectrum from lavender to dark purple.

Citrine – an abundance stone. This is a crystal associated with wealth in a variety of forms. Its focus is not only money but also on the multitude of ways in which abundance and help can be offered. There may be kind favours from friends or gifts from suppliers, opportunities to increase income, or simply more necessities and good things in life. Meditating with citrine can help banish worries about “not having enough” and aid in improving the situation. The colour range goes from white to golden yellow and deep amber brown.

Astrology and Crystal Correspondences

When it comes to astrology and crystal correspondences, there are no hard and fast rules and – as anyone who has read Wanda Sellar’s articles on this subject in previous Astrology and Medicine newsletters will know - ancient and traditional sources don’t always agree with one another. Occasionally, they assign dual rulerships to some of the stones and sometimes just omit them altogether. This may simply be to do with what was available at the specific times of writing and working with crystals.

From an astrological point of view, rose quartz is given no traditional correspondences but based on colour we can assign it to Venus and her concerns. To be fair, it is the case that the ancient and traditional correspondences don’t necessarily give the colour pink to Venus, however, personally I like the association because it tallies with ideas regarding pink and green relating to the heart chakra. Rose quartz is seen as a helpful stone for matters of the heart and can, therefore, lend strength to aid an afflicted Venus in the birth chart, especially to address relationship problems. Financial issues can also be seen as “Venusian”, although in the crystal world we might more readily think of financial matters as being helped along with citrine. Nonetheless, if you consider the self-worth issues underlying earning potential, Venus for love and respect of the self is by no means a bad candidate.

It seems natural to associate black stones with Saturn, but the shiny charcoal-black tumble stone hematite looks like a solid version of liquid Mercury and traditionally has affinities with that “winged messenger” planet, too. Just to add spice, sometimes a red quality can be noted in the stone, in which case it can be seen to have an additional association with the planet Mars..

Amethyst is a stone of Jupiter and, for a change, the ancients seem to all agree on that, apart from Al-Biruni, who doesn’t assign it at all; perhaps a typical case of lack of supply in his area at his time. To me, amethyst is one of the stones showing greatest congruence of association between disciplines, as the astrologers agree it’s a Jupiter stone and Jupiter’s colour correspondence is always given as purple. In chakra healing, which is meaningful in aura cleansing and crystal healing alike, this is along the colour band given to the “third eye” or spiritual chakra, sometimes described as indigo in shade. Perhaps it is also one of the most relevant stones for “Indigo children”, although a wider range is certainly available to them within a healing context; in my local new age shop, “Stepping Stones”, I was delighted recently to notice crystal elixir sprays designed especially for children and teenagers, to address specific issues such as bullying, anger, depression etc. To me it is a true sign that the new age has arrived, that we are now in a position to offer healing not only to our fellow adults but also to the next generation of children appearing in the world!

In her book entitled Soul Mastery Susann Taylor Shier describes children with a more greatly developed compassion and, likewise, sees this as a sign that the times are a-changing and, if we look around, we can see that our children are incarnating as highly developed souls. Perhaps we can send some boxes of crystals and gem essences to the houses of “Tiny Tearaways” on the TV, to help any families that are still struggling!

Before we put the subject of crystals fully to bed, though, let’s also cover a few basics, such as the relevance of size, how to use or wear them, forms of cleansing and where to get hold of crystal “booty”.

Size: Crystals come in various sizes but for carrying and meditation, smallish stones of around 2-3 cm are often sufficient. If you want to influence a whole room of people (eg a healing room) by all means invest in some massive amethyst half-domes and hang them safely but high up in the corners of the room. Terminated chunks that cover the palm and larger swathes of stone such as amethyst constitute crystal “beds” and can be used to rest your crystals when they need recharging.

Body wear: The general advice regarding crystal healing is to get the crystal energy as close to you as you can. Look out for beautiful crystal jewellery, including simple “power bracelets” – crystal beads threaded onto elastic cord and more elaborate pieces that arrive as earrings, pendants, bracelets etc. An alternative, for using any small crystals or “tumble stones” that you already have, is to pop them into a small drawstring bag – the types that you see in new age shops – and tie this to the inside of your clothing, on the layer that is close to the skin. An opaque bag can be ideal for allowing closer contact, especially with the colour vibration.

Cleansing and recharging. Crystals are fairly resilient but may need to be occasionally cleansed– which means ridding them of negative vibrations and recharging them with positive energy. It is at least worth considering cleansing a new crystal before use because you don’t know who has handled it before you and it may well have collected negative energy build up from a variety of sources. It will likely be better knowing that you are starting with a stone that has been recharged with positive energy. One simple method is to hold the crystal in your palm, close your eyes and imagine a waterfall going over it, renewing any outworn or negative energy. You can also use the human breath – just blow on the crystal to waft away the previous energy. Some people like to fully immerse the crystals in water but some crystals just can’t take this; flaky kyanite, both blue and black and the lustrous, white selenite are likely to just disintegrate (how Neptunian!). A better option for these would be run them through incense smoke or use the above “imaginary” water process. They can also take being put in or on earth, although you probably would not want to over-saturate the soil. You can also use a crystal bed to recharge a tired crystal and a good tip, if you like to keep crystals that are not being used together in a bowl or box, is to keep a piece of carnelian in there too, as this will automatically cleanse any other crystals around it.

Copyright Diana McMahon Collis 2018
This article excerpted from a piece for the Astrology and Medicine Newsletter in 2006