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Angel Cards & Index for The Angel Oracle Deck

If you like the idea of Angel oracles, you may have a deck of your own or even a variety of decks or you may be happy for other people to share their favourite cards in readings with you. There are several popular Angel authors around and various systems taught for working with angel cards plus you may have developed your own. My favourite Angel oracle decks are ones that I have come across more by chance than plan - they crossed my path, either in a reading, in a chat within an E-Group or when looking around a shop or online source for something else. They include Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue, Angels, Gods and Goddesses by Toni Carmine Salerno and The Angle Oracle Deck by Ambika Wauters.

The last of these, rather like some Tarot cards, is available both as a deck with booklet and a larger, deck with book set. For some reason I have ended up with both in my collection and recently noticed that the index is not very detailed in either set. These are beautiful, golden cards, with radiant, vibrant angel images, yet they are all quite similar in appearance. In the past I have studied and written about the angel hierarchy but it is not information that I necessarily keep permanently logged in my thoughts all of the time. Maybe that's true for you, too?

So I can find that, if I want to look at an Angel reading for myself, it's a reading I am going to want to do with reference to the book. With this deck I found I was struggling to find the reference pages for the cards in the book/let. These cards are not like the Tarot where if you learn one deck you've pretty much learned them all (give or take variations to do with Rider Waite vs Thoth approach, the difference between ceremonial high magick and pagan white magic etc...).

Putting such concerns aside for a moment, it is the case with the Tarot that there's a basic system in place, which offers common denominators across the majority of decks. This means that if I pick up a Tarot deck that is new to me, whilst the imagery may present new ideas, often I can at least relate each card to its matching card in another deck - because in Tarot there are 78 cards consisting of 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor, of which 16 are Court cards. Even though the names may change and the images could be different, the basic place in the deck does not change. And therein lies a clue to transferring a basic core Tarot meaning from one deck to another, in spite of any additional or intrinsic meaning that may belong to each separate, new deck. With Angel cards it is different. Some writers theme them on the angel hierarchy; others use Key words such as Compassion or Faith; others group angels with other heavenly or spiritual figures.

For me, learning how to read Angel cards was something that happened in quite recent years. Like many people, I thought that Angel cards were just the tiny little cards with a brief, written phrase or message. There ARE cards like that around and they ARE called Angel Cards! But the cards I use for meditation and in my readings practice, to help myself and other people connect more with positive energy, are much larger and they feature beautiful, colourful art images as well as uplifting words, titles and/or phrases.

Some of the readings I give purely use Angel cards and I find they are very helpful for people dealing with delicate issues, grief and bereavement - although they do have a wider application than this, as well. Quite often I also give combined readings, frequently featuring a mix of Astrology and Tarot - and sometimes, if there is time, I also offer the opportunity for a client to select an Angel card for a positive message. There is a great deal of multi-tasking involved in this kind of reading context, bearing in mind I might be looking at tarot and angel cards whilst also looking at an astrology chart and discussing all sorts of life issues and connections. In which case, I know I would find it helpful if I could instantly access a meaning for an angel card in any deck, in the given book, if I don't have that information in my head at the time. With this in mind, I have created a more expanded index that can be used with the Ambika Wauters Angle Oracle and thought I would share it here in case anyone else might also be able to benefit from it, in their own practice. I have included a few notes about the major functions of the Archangels. You will find two sets of numbers; the first apply to the small booklet (LWB equivalent, for Tarot readers!), the second are the page references for the larger, gold, hard backed book. The formatting from Word probably won't carry over into this blog, so I have divided them with a forward slash:/ rather than tabbed spacing. There are three "Heavens" listed in this deck, under which the angels operate and you will find the names of those in the long headings above each collection of angels:

The Angel Oracle: Index to Page References
Author: Ambika Wauters - Publisher: Connections Book Publishing, UK

Booklet Page #s/Gold Book Page #s (notes)

Heaven of Form: Archangels, Guardians, Angel Princes - Protection and Love

Archangels: 8-10/20-29

Metatron 8/20 (Witness to virtue)
Michael 8/22 (Protector/Slayer of Dragons)
Gabriel 9/24 (Communication)
Raphael 9/26 (Healing)
Uriel 10/28 (Lightbringer/Sunray)

Guardian Angels 10-14/30-47

Of Children 10/30
Of Youth 11/32
Of Young Love 11/34
Of Young Adults 12/36
Of Maturity 12/38
Of Health 13/40
Of Creativity 13/42
Of Spiritual Growth 13/44
Of Service 13/46

Angel Princes 15-16/48-55

The South 15/48
The North 15/50
The East 16/52
The West 16/54

Heaven of Creation: Powers, Virtues, Dominions - Tender & Merciful Energies

Powers 17-18/60-65

Angel of Peace 17/60
Angel of Serenity 17/62
Angel of Harmony 18/64

Virtues 18-19/66-71

Angel of Freedom 18/66
Angel of Trust 19/68
Angel of Faith 19/70

Dominions 20-21/72-77

A. of Reconciliation 20/72
Angel of Mercy 20/74
A. of Forgiveness 21/76

Heaven of Paradise: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones - Love & Awareness

Seraphim 21-22/82-87

A. Miracle of Love 21/82
A. Essence of Love 22/84
A. of Eternal Love 22/86

Cherubim 23-24/88-93

Angel of Wisdom 23/88
A. of Discernment 23/90
Angel of Knowing 24/92

Thrones 24-25/94-99

Angel of Being 24/94
Angel of Power 25/96
Angel of Glory 25/98

Card Spreads 26-31/100-110

Enjoy your contact with Angel energy!!



  1. Always glad to see a site that gives detailed information on astrology and tarot. Thanks and keep up the good work. :D

  2. Thanks, love tarot! Great to receive your encouraging comments :O)



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