Tuesday, 12 January 2016

By the Light of the Moon's Phases

The Moon reflects the light of the Sun and hence has associations with mirrors, water and silver, which all have reflective qualities.  Astrology is a vast subject, eternally fascinating, but can lead in so many directions, with such a lot of information that it can seem overwhelming to get to grips with.  There is a whole subject within the subject, though, which is lunar astrology - literally, that which focuses on the Moon as a celestial body (ie something significant in the sky above us).   The three main areas of lunar focus for most Western astrologers are these: the Moon's Nodes, which have karmic and past life associations; aspects of the Moon to other planets, which are used by horary astrologers, looking to answer specific questions from a horoscope chart drawn for the moment of the question - and, finally, the Moon's phases from its cycle in its relationship to the Sun.  It is this, latter focus that most people are familiar with, where we talk about the New Moon, Full Moon and Half Moon.  There are also special names for the Moon's positions in between, but usually we stick to talking about the Moon at, respectively, 0 degrees, 180 degrees and 90 degrees from the Sun and those are normally the positions you will find mentioned in an average diary or calendar for the year. It is this simple lunar phase cycle that I have chosen to focus on as the inspiration for my new column at totally4women.com.  Due to ongoing, passionate interests in health and healing, writing and editing, you will find that this is not a typical column just about predictions - although I do look at the current trends of the month, both there and in other astrology columns that I am responsible for creating. Usually my focus will be the New Moon, since this is often such a potent and positive point; but you may also find mention of other aspects of the cycle or other features of current astrology where they are relevant. I am grateful to Maggie Steele, for her fine work in making my copy look pretty with beautiful, appropriate images!  And to the late Carolyn Lazarus for her vision in creating the site. We hope you will find something that interests and inspires you at totally4women.  My recent contribution can be found at: http://www.totally4women.com/2016/01/05/astrological-inspiration-jan-2016/