Saturday, 17 April 2010

Peak of Eternal Light (and Other Moon Stories)

Just at the moment I find myself attracted to stories about the moon.  News and discoveries in the past 5 years emphasise solar light on the moon and water on the moon.  From a scientific and astronomical point of view, the significance of these finds relates primarily to the desire to find a moon base - a human outpost on the moon.  From an astrological point of view we are interested in the symbolism of celestial and cosmologial phenomena - in what these developments can signify for us in terms of human understanding.  On that basis, if we are looking for a moon base, maybe the human search is really about an emotional base.  If there is one area of human existence that we have to navigate every single day of our lives, it is the emotional area.  Nobody knows for certain how our moods appear and why feelings are triggered as they are.  A lot of this goes on unconsciously or subconsciously.  We do know quite a lot about specific ways that our feelings are affected.  But trying to keep them on an even keel, that is a huge human challenge!

The stories contained at the sites below, which relate to the Peak of Eternal Light (a permanent sun on a lunar mountain) and the discovery of water on the moon seem to speak of something deeper, something even more signfiicant - perhaps because those terms speak to us in a metaphorical way.  Their message may touch us in various individual ways, depending on what is happening at the personal level, right now.  For example, for anyone who has lost someone through bereavement, the idea of a permanent place of light could be quite appealing.  Could that place be where our loved ones reside, in spirit form?  Carrying this idea across, maybe the water on the moon could symbolise the residue of all the tears that show or don't show themselves, depending on how far we are able to contact our own feelings - because people are often afraid of feelings and try to submerge and avoid them in various ways.  For people who are swamped with feelings and for those who feel unable to cry, even if crying might seem the most appropriate action, maybe the moon can be a comfort.  Who knows where all those tears go?  Do the cried ones evaporate back into the atmosphere?  What happens to the uncried tears?

In astrological symbolism the moon relates to the mother and nurturing.  Perhaps a glance at the moon can remind us that we are cared about, deep within the heart of the cosmos.  Maybe, in some strange way, the moon helps to take care of our tears, even if only allowing the light and conditions under which we can make contact with them and thereby confirm the fullness of our humanity. There may be many other meanings that feel relevant here.  I hope you will enjoy reading the stories that the links below lead to and that you can decide what the light and water on the moon mean for you.

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Discovery of Water on Moon Boosts Prospects for Permanent Lunar Base

Celestial blessings,