Sunday, 28 February 2010

Mars Retrograde

Every time that Mars is retrograde - which is every couple of years or so - I am reminded how difficult I find Mars retrograde periods! Have you been noticing just how long our winter feels in the UK? Who hasn't! Well, it feels about right for Mars in apparent backward motion (another way to say that a planet is retrograde). To be exact, the start of the latest big event of this nature was 20th December 2009 - right around the Winter Solstice, in fact. So, all those fights or all that lacklustre energy just before Christmas - yes, you guessed it - Mars retrograde. Or, as we tend to abbreviate it, Mars Rx. Look closely and you might think it comes with a kiss. Well I can tell you that it seldom feels like a pleasant one. And, although it might sound a bit crude, not always to be expected on the face....!

Perhaps the most important thing to know right now, though, is when the planet goes forward again and that date is March 10th 2020. Not too long to wait, is it? Or it it... The thing is that, when a planet is "on the turn" to a different stage of apparent motion, that is the point at which we can be said to sense its energy the most. In other words, watch out, because the next ten days could be fiery than ever.

Of course, you may have already experienced something of this energy. We may observe it in the wider world as earthquakes - Haiti in January, Chile in February. We may experience it in our local areas - unexpected vehicle crashes. We may know about it in the personal arena, with anger flare ups, relationship splits and people acting out of character.

To me, one of the greatest difficult sides of Mars Rx is a tendency for repressed anger to emerge. One of the most fascinating sides is the potential for an old flame to reappear. This can literally be about romantic passion appearing again, for someone we once knew, or even for someone new - the whole point being that passion is felt powerfully, once again. Or it can be about feeling a passion for something we used to do, or for a new hobby. Again, it's all about an energy shift.

Mars has been Retrograde and currently remains that way, in the sign of Leo, which means that link ups with people who have fixed signs in their birth chart are especially powerful. Maybe you have a planet in Leo, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio? Those are the fixed signs. If you have the Sun in a planet either side of those signs there is a strong possibility that one of the other, "inner" planets, such as Mercury, Venus or Mars itself is in one of those fixed signs in your chart. If you are not sure, post your Sun sign and I will let you know...

Meanwhile, to all those people wondering if the energy will ever improve, if the winter will ever end, if you will ever stop bickering with X, if that relationship with Y has potential and if that job or project will go forward for you - keep an eye on what happens on or around March 10th!

Celestially yours