Thursday, 11 September 2008

Paul McKenna's Birth Chart

Born 8 November 1963 Enfield 8:10 AM— Sun & Rising Sign: Scorpio

Paul McKenna has always been an impressive and unique person and continues to be immensely successful. I read an article about him in a quality coaching magazine last year and thought to look at his chart, which prompted me to also write about him and his work. In the coaching publication he was noted for his use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and I was reminded how far he has come. Paul feels like a contemporary to me as we are about the same age. I clearly remember when he had a public image as a clever and quirky stage hypnotist. He has travelled an amazing personal journey as well as developing his career along particularly healing lines. This includes coping with a difficult court case where his reputation was under threat, to now being the noted and respected author of “I can make you thin” - a book and tape series that has now got various spin offs, including his latest offering “I can make you rich” - tapping into the recent craze for every angle on increasing abundance and prosperity.
The interviewer of the coaching article made a joke about the next one probably being titled “I can make you God” which certainly gave me a giggle!
Jokes aside, though, does Paul’s chart reveal who he is and his destiny? I should say so! Firstly, he has the showy Sun, mystical Neptune and Mercury, planet of the mind, all in the 12th house of “the unconscious “ - a perfect signature for stage hypnotism as well as the kind of behind-the- scenes hypnosis methods that people might use at home to help them with weight-loss, self-confidence, and so on. Secondly, Venus rises in Sagittarius reflecting the concerns with beauty and the body (weight gain/loss issues) - I note that whilst Paul’s rising sign is Scorpio, Venus is in Sagittarius, linking with Jupiter, planet of abundance—to me this speaks of the issue of putting weight on (Venus in Sagittarius: excess weight gain through sugary and indulgent, high-fat foods) and the need to burn it off and lose it— Scorpio issues of elimination and metabolism through the planetary rulers of the sign, which are Pluto and Mars. Note also, Mars in Sagittarius in the 1st house representing the drive to achieve great things. Together, these two planets represent the drive towards riches (Venus) and results (Mars).

Paul has the Moon in the showman sign of Leo, which is also perfect for his public profile and stage shows. It is in the 9th house which reflects his focus on the spiritual path; although he claims to be not religious, he objects to being termed an atheist and does strive to include the spiritual in his work. This is also underlined by his planets in Sagittarius and Scorpio, which focus on a deep and expansive search for meaning. Last but not least, Chiron, the healing asteroid, is in the 3rd house of thought and communication! He works to heal through use of the mind….. Paul McKenna’s chart shows clearly the link between character and destiny. Bio: http://www.answers.com/topic/paul-mckenna?cat=biz-fin

Celestial Wishes....!